The 6 Most Common CSA Violations, and how to Avoid Them

Driver InspectionThe safety enforcement program, known as Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is a data-driven safety compliance and enforcement program of the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The CSA program holds drivers as well as motor carriers culpable for their role in the safety of the trucks that they own/operate.

The following list points out the six most common violations facing drivers, owner-operators, and carriers.


Driver Violations

  1. Logs - Driver log violations amount to 25% of all violations for drivers. While CSA only remits 1 point for a form/manner violation, they hand out five points for a log that is not up to date. To prevent this from happening, it is critical to emphasize hours of service regulations with all drivers upon hire and periodically through the course of employment.
    With the new ELD requirements, we expect more challenges as the new regulations are enforced.  

  2. Medical Issues - these violations account for approximately 12% of driver violations and often the violation is failing to have a current medical certificate. CSA usually only gives 1 or 2 points for this violation, however, if a driver is operating the vehicle while physically ill, the reprimand can be 10 points. This is a simple fix - it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that their medical cards are valid and kept in a safe location for easy access.

  3. Understanding / Reading / Writing / Speaking English - with the surge in minorities gaining their CDL license, the rise in this violation is climbing at a steady rate, with 9% of all driver violations occurring because drivers simply don't understand the English language enough to comply. More training is needed for these drivers to eliminate this 4 points causing the violation.

Truck Violations

  1. Driver InspectionTruck Lighting - this major 3 or 6 point violation accounted for 28% of all roadside vehicle violations in the last year. Six points are assessed for light violations while 3 points are assessed for reflective tape violations. This is easily remedied by doing inspections of your vehicle before and after trips.

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  2. Brakes - with a 4 point violation, this category makes up for 25% of all vehicle violations, with 1 million braking violations occurring last year. Fixing this problem requires training your drivers to understand their braking systems and know how to fix or get help fixing any braking issue.

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  3. Tires - this extreme violation carries a hefty 8 points and has accounted for nearly 11% of all vehicle violations, half of the violations being for tread depth. The depth of your steering tires needs to be 4/32 inch, while the rest of your tires only need to be 2/32 inch. This is also an easy fix by doing proper inspections of your vehicles before, during and after trips to ensure compliance.