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Air Dryers Cartridges Purge Valves - Haldex Midland

Air Dryers Cartridges Purge Valves - Haldex Midland

Haldex Genuine Air Dryers, Dryer parts, purge valves, desiccant cartridges and more are available from Class8TruckParts.com. You can save big $ from retail pricing here, save time and money, buy your Haldex Air dryer parts from Class8TruckParts.com.

Haldex air treatment products work individually or in combination to minimize the build-up of water, oil and other contaminants while minimizing maintenance. Contaminants in the system clog valves, deteriorate rubber parts and wash away much needed system lubricants. This leads to corrosion, premature wear and freeze-up, which compromises system efficiency and can cause costly system failure and unnecessary downtime.