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Brake Adjusters - Haldex Midland

Brake Adjusters - Haldex Midland

Year after year, in market after market, Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters outsell all other brands. What makes Haldex the leader in North America and in every other major market for commercial vehicles globally? ItÕs simple. Haldex Slack Adjusters are designed and built better than any other automatic brake adjuster. Beginning with clearance-sensing technology that was pioneered by Haldex over 35 years ago, Haldex slack adjusters incorporate design features that provide reliable and accurate brake adjustment longer.

Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters deliver unmatched performance over years of service and hundreds of thousands of miles Ð all the while requiring only minimal maintenance.

By constantly maintaining optimum brake lining-to-drum clearance, Haldex slack adjusters reduce stopping distances and increase driver control and confidence under all conditions. Optimum brake adjustment helps prevent uneven tire and brake wear; reducing operating expenses and downtime costs.